Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Armenia being a poor country doesn’t just throw away what doesn’t work anymore. For example my host family has a space heater that was broken. It was old but that didn’t stop them from putting in a new electric cord and plug. Of course now it makes a terrible noise and shakes so much that I’m often afraid it’s going to knock the house down but a penny saved is a penny earned. I’ve put up some pictures of interesting things that have gotten a second use such as a bridge and storage room made out of an old bus spanning a river, a wall put together using the bodies of old cars, a gate that was once a car door, a mattress bed frame combo gate and an old truck with a missing panel replaced by an old coke machine front. Every day I see old things being put to new use. From radiators used as fences to railroad cars as room extensions my neighbors have a knack for using the old as new.