Thursday, April 7, 2011

Description of pictures:

Stalin’s toilet in his private train car
Me on Stalin’s bed
Me looking stoic next to a statue of Stalin and behind me the mausoleum that incases the home where he grew up
Op’plis’eikay an ancient community of cave homes that had a church built on top of it. It was really windy here.
The Armenian Georgian border how many Mercedes and BMW’s can you count?
Met’sceta the old capital of Georgia and the second kingdom to accept Christianity as a state religion after Armenia making it the second oldest Christian country in the world
Fortress around a church
Church along the Georgian Military Highway in the lower Caucuses range
Kazbeghi the second highest mountain in Europe in the distance
Laoura Daniel and myself sporting typical Georgian shepherds wear. The hats are made of sheep’s wool and smell as bad as bad as they look.
The old fort built by the Persians overlooking the city of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital
Saint George slaying the dragon and the name sake for the country of Georgia